6 Bible Trek Lesson videos

Below you can stream each Lesson. Remember, they are sequential so don’t skip ahead!

If you are in a Live Bible Trek, we caution you to not view them in advance. Great to come back and watch after you have gone through the live class though. Don’t forget to download the notes for each lesson.

Bible Trek Lesson 1 Overview of the entire Old Testament Emphasis on Genesis (1:11 min)

Notes A

Notes B

Bible Trek Lesson 2 The Abrahamic Covenant (1.01 min)


Bible Trek Lesson 3 The Mosaic, Davidic and New Covenants (0.54 min)


Bible Trek Lesson 4 The New Testament and the 3 things we have to know (1.05 min)


Bible Trek Lesson 5 Prophecy, the Rapture and the Evil Empire (1:03 min)


Bible Trek Lesson 6 Armegedden and the Millennium (0.54 Min)


Genesis videos

A good documentary regarding Dinosaurs and Man ( I don’t agree with everything here, but certainly worth a look)  Click here

More study

History of the world, Past, Present and future click here. This is a huge study of 70 audio lessons and it is amazing.

Are you Jewish?

I am Jewish and interested in learning about Yeshua  Click here

Let’s Study this together.

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