Mini Studies

Due to the time constraints of a Bible Trek, we cannot delve deeper into many questions that arise. Below are documents that we have created based on the questions that arise in a live Bible Trek. Simply click on the link for a PDF which will give you the narrative and most importantly the actual Bible verses. This way you will know what the Bible says about it.

Want a quick reference guide to the Bible? Click here

The number one question that arises is: Do children who die go to heaven?

The number 2 question is: Can I lose my salvation?

Science and the Bible

The Rapture

Revelation 20

The first giving of the Gospel in the Bible

Old Testament prophesies fulfilled in the New Testament

Biblical positions backed by science

Grace of God vs. The Law of God

How can I enter into a relationship with God

How do I give the Gospel to a friend?

Are witched Satanic

Description of Jesus

How to host a Bible Trek

Is asking Jesus into my life enough

Jesus fulfills the Old Testament prophecies

Jehovah Witness’s and and Mormons-Are they Christians

Must we be baptized

Prophecy- Can we trust it?

The serious side of creation

Simple explanation of the Gospel

Spirt vs. Soul

The Mercy seat

The real missing link – Nephalim

The 3 most important things to know from the Bible

To a Seeker or Skeptic

Tower of Babel

Will a Christians life reflect Christianity

Will God forgive me if I grievously sin

Worship is war

Cool links to other sites of interest

Mark of the Beast

Archaeological Jerusalem

God and Science

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